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One day Steve, an electrician by trade, came home and told his wife Terry that he had told his boss he was quitting his job to devote himself full time to his passion – making glass beads. After resuscitating his wife and assuring her that all would work out Bokamo Designs was born. That was almost fourteen years ago and the business has gone from just selling borosilicate lampworked beads - amazing individual wearable works of art, to selling all things bead related. (well not quite “all” things, but close!)

The name Bokamo came from the first two letters of the children’s names – Bobby, Kara, Monica. Still to this day Monica insists it should be Mokabo since she is the oldest. We hope you will enjoy your treasures you purchase from us as much as we enjoy making the beads and jewelry and finding the best materials for you to create your own works of art.

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. Pablo Picasso

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